Info for version Orna4Node 1.1.5 and upper

Orna4Node - the tool for easy creation Atomic CSS architecture. Based on NW.JS. Also you can use CLI version.

Atomic CSS is an architecture that says that one CSS class must contain one style (one property).

Looks like: .w-100px{ width:100px; }

This cool because your classes are universal. Names of classes are understandable. Few classes but many combination. Orna4Node creates atomic classes automatically in atomic.css file.

Quick start

    NW.JS version

  1. Download Orna4Node-NW.

  2. Open Orna4Node > package.nw > project > index.html.

  3. Create HTML elements and write style classes by the Orna signature (property_value, property_value_event, property_value_id, "id or childtagname").

  4. Then open nw.exe and you will see your work!!!

    CLI version

  1. Install NODE.JS.

  2. Download Orna4Node-CLI.

  3. Put orna4node.js into the root directory with index.html.

  4. Write index.html with Orna classes.

  5. Start orna4node.js from CLI(Command line interface). Like: node orna4node.js.
    But before set file path in CLI. Like: cd C:\myapp.

    Use Orna4Node-CLI with reload node module. For Browser autoreload! It's recommended!

  1. Install NODE.JS.

  2. Download Orna4Node-CLI

  3. Install reload node module from CMD. Write: (npm install -g reload).

  4. Start "reload". Write in CMD: reload --browser.
    But do it from right directory. For directory changes use "cd C:\path".
    Path where the index.html is.

  5. Create index.html with orna4node classes and put it with Orna4Node file.

  6. Start orna4node.js from CMD. Write: node orna4node.js.
    But do it from right directory. For directory changes use "cd C:\path".

  7. If you make all steps right, in your directory will be created "atomic.css" file.
    Link it to your index.html.


  1. property_value

  2. property_value_event

  3. property_value_childtagname (#id, class)

  4. property_value_mediaqueries

Event, Pseudo-classes:

hover or ho
focus or fo
active or ac
first-child or fc
link or lk
visited or vi
checked or ch
disabled or di
enabled or en


color or c
width or w
height or h
margin or m (ml,mr,mt,mb)
padding or p (pl,pr,pt,pb)
background or bg
background-color or bgc
background-image or bgi
background-repeat or bgr
background-position or bgp
background-attachment or bga
border or b (bl,br,bt,bb)
border-color or b-c (bl-c,br-c,bt-c,bb-c)
border-style or b-s (bl-s,br-s,bt-s,bb-s)
border-width or b-w (bl-w,br-w,bt-w,bb-w)
text-align or ta
text-decoration or td
font-family or ff
font-size or fs
font-weight or fw
justify-content or jc
align-items or ai
transition-duration or t-dur
transition-delay or t-del
transition-property or t-pro
transition-timing-function or t-fun
display or d
And other like in CSS but with underscore : = _ !!!


You can use : class=" color_red margin_10px_hover height_100px width_10% "

You can use : class=" c_red m_10px_ho h_100px w_10% "

Using media queries: class=" float_left_@600px ".


  1. If classes are almost similar, the long class should be after short.

  2. class=" width_100px width_100px_div "


    class=" w_100px w_100px_div "

    width_100px - width 100px to current element

    width_100px_div - width 100px to child div element

  3. Do not confuse Orna4Node and OrnaJS.
    They similar, but have differences and used for different things.

What was written in HTML

What will Orna create in CSS

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